LG Home Theater A Complete Cinema


4K UHD (3840 x 2160) Resolution Up to 300’’ of Projection Screen Size Dual Laser with Lens Shift Brightness Optimizer (Iris Mode & Adaptive contrast) HDR10 & HLG IP Control

  • Performance

    8.3 Mega Pixels Real 4K UHD 
    DCI-P3 97% Dual Laser (Red & Blue) 
    2,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio Black Level.

  • Imaging Technology

    Brightness Optimizer
    – Iris Mode
    – Adaptive Contrast

  • Usability

    Auto Calibration (w/CalMan)

Real 4K UHD Laser Projector

Exceptional Picture Quality

With 8.3 mega pixels utilizing 4K UHD Laser technology, LG CineBeam delivers impeccable precision and detail up to 300-inch screen. With 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio Black level, it can express the deep black. And it accurately represents colors, thanks to a wide color gamut 97% of DCI-P3*.

  • 8.3M Pixels

    Real 4K UHD

  • DCI-P3 97%*

    Dual Laser (Red & Blue)

  • 2,000,000:1

    Contrast Ratio Black Level


  • UHD 4K 8.3 Megapixel

*The rate may vary by picture modes.
Iris Mode

Designed for Both Bright and Dark Environment

Depending on lighting condition of viewing environment, you can change iris mode.

    ← Iris’s maximum aperture


    Iris’s minimum aperture →

  • Dark Room Mode

    Optimized brightness for dark room. Recommended white brightness + lowest (best) black level with iris’s min. aperture.

  • Bright Room Mode

    White and black goes up together, which makes picture visible and vivid with iris’s max. aperture.

HDR pro

Covers HDR10,
Dynamic Tone Mapping, HLG and HGiG

HDR pro improves quality by making the bright part brighter and the dark part darker while using the dark side details. So it is compatible with almost HDR industry standards.
  • Dynamic Tone Mapping – using meaningful signal range (frame by frame) instead of simple signal rage.
  • HDR10 – Individual tone can be adjusted for each color within a scene.
  • HLG is a backwards-compatible HDR standard and begins with a SDR signal that any TV can use.
  • HGiG helps you to enjoy HDR console games from PlayStation and Xbox.
*HDR pro covers almost all HDR specifications, including HDR10, Dynamic Tone Mapping, HLG, HGiG and other specifications.

Lens Shift & Zoom x1.6

Flexible and Easy Installation

With Lens Shift (H ± 24%, V ± 60%) & Zoom x1.6 functionality, you can install the device virtually anywhere and set the screen to the exact size and location.


    Lens Shift H ±24%, V ±60%


    Zoom x1.6


Introduce the Latest Technologies for Home Cinema Specialists



    WiSA delivers hi-resolution digital audio wirelessly from a source device to a maximum of eight powered speakers using 24-bit 48kHz or 96kHz signals, and can support 3D audio formats.


    HDMI 2.1

    The projector displays hi-resolution and hi-information images by HDMI 2.1 connection, can output 10-bit images with 444RGB specifications. And it supports eARC.

AirPlay + Miracast® + Bluetooth

Advanced Wireless Connection

You can share the screen and sound conveniently with AirPlay (for iOS devices), Screen Share (for wireless Miracast® supporting devices) and Bluetooth pairing.